Providing exposure to the trades through short-term trainings and pre-apprentice programs.

Garage82 CEO, Laurie Narciso, was featured on The Trades Podcast!

Helping job-ready candidates get connected to the right employer, Garage 82 and its CEO Laurie Narciso, sat down with Jeff & DJ Danny to talk more about the programs and options out there in the workforce.

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Let's work together to get you the skills you need to succeed in today's workforce. Connect with the right training for you to achieve your current and future goals. Highlighted trainings include: Carpentry Pre-Apprenticeship Program, Forklift Operator Safety Certification, Deck Building, Engaging Youth Through Woodworking, and Building Bridges Carpentry Exploration Program.

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Our Services

Need to enhance your existing skills to advance at work? Looking to change career paths or gain access to a Union Apprenticeship? Maybe you just want to learn something new?

Are you in need of skilled laborers? Do you want candidates who are trainable and already possess many of the skills you need? Would you like access to a large pool of applicants, ready and excited to work? Are you interested in learning more about government subsidies and local funding to offset labor costs?

Do you provide training in a high-demand labor market? Are you looking to gain access to more students? Are you looking to link your graduates with employers in the field?

Are you looking for a woman-owned small business or LGBT Business Enterprise to partner with on your next RFP? You've found us! Garage82 is looking to partner with successful organizations on grants and requests for proposals. Let’s combine our superpowers to generate a more diverse and successful business strategy.

Looking for a great partner with 20+ years of experience in workforce development? When companies find themselves needing access to government funding or workforce resources, Garage82 can help navigate those waters.